Crystal Wilkerson 2013 Life Planner Giveaway!

I just love everything about the start of a brand new year and one thing that has me even more energized and excited about 2013 is my brand new Life Planner from Crystal Wilkerson. I’m absolutely in love with this planner and how its already helping me to get organized and on track in 2013! Come take a closer look inside my planner and if you’d like to try one out for yourself, then make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this post for details on how you can win a Life Planner all access pass!
I’ll be sharing more details inside my planner in the coming weeks, but for now here are a few images of the inside pages – this is only a small selection as the planner is FULL of wonderful pages + information! For a detailed list of the pages included in the planner, sizes + price go here.
One of the sections I love is the “INCREASE” section. There’s an exercise journal, pages to record recipes I find, a weekly menu planning calendar, a page for my grocery list, etc. I’ve printed off images of some of my favourite exercises and included them in a page protector in this section so they’re easily accessible when I work out. If I clip a recipe from a magazine to add to the menu that week I also tuck it into a page protector in this section to keep everything handy that I’ll need for shopping/meals.
I use the 5.5 X 8.5 size binder and I love the portability of it! It can fit in my purse when I go out and I cart it around the house with me wherever I may be throughout the day….we’ve become pretty attached, this cute little binder and I.  😉 
Not only do I use my planner for household/personal organizing but I really love the bonus blog planner that Crystal has created. I can keep an ongoing blog to-do list, keep track of future post ideas, brands I’d like to work with, upcoming guest posts, social media growth, etc. More details about the blog planner can be found here
On her blog, Crystal is currently running a 2013 Life Planner Challenge. She’ll be going through the planner section by section – so if you’re interested in learning more, come follow along! If you already have the planner, stop by her blog to be inspired, challenged and for help in getting the most use out of your planner in 2013! Thank you for all the inspiration Crystal and thank you for creating such an amazing planner and sharing it with us!  
If you’d like to try out Crystal’s planner for yourself, follow the prompts in the rafflecopter widget below and you’ll be entered to win a 2013 Life Planner all Access Pass. This pass gives you access to ALL the planner pages in JPEG + PDF format as well as access to any updates to the planner throughout 2013! Good luck everyone, giveaway closes Tuesday Jan 22 at 12:00am.
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Rebecca Cooper is a 38-year-old wife and mother of four from Alberta, Canada. As a photographer, crafter, author, and blogger, she finds joy and fulfillment in celebrating everyday moments. She loves to read and eat chocolate, and is a firm believer in afternoon naps. Rebecca shares her family’s adventures, photo tips, simple craft projects + more right here at Simple as That.

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  1. Christina says

    This would keep my life in order, rather than always wondering, “What’s next?” I’d love to get my home life organized- cleaning, meal planning…make the house a home.

  2. Jessica Daviaux says

    I would like to get alot of different aspects of my life organized in 2013! In particular, our meal planning. I have yet to find a simple and easy way to plan and organize or meals each week. I also want to decorate and organize our home. I feel that there is a lot left “undone” that needs to get finished this year. Here’s to 2013!

  3. ♥ KBB says

    I’d really love to organize doctor’s appointments. I forget to put them in my phone and then I’m surprised a few days before the appointment when the office calls. My husband has a lot of new cardiology appointments so I really want to make sure to not forget those!

  4. Lindsey Woods says

    I would like to get my Project Life process more organized. Doing it very week and not leaving an gaps that I have to fill back in later on. I would also like to better organize our menu/grocery shopping/cooking. So many nights it’s 7:00 before we even think about what we are going to do for dinner and then it’s a rush to run out and grab something (which ends up costing 2x what it would have been to cook)

  5. says

    I have recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s diseas. I would love to use the organiser to log recipes and make a daily log of foods that dis/agree with me I hope by 2014 to have a organised meal routine that works with myself and my family

  6. says

    I would LOVE to get my photography life on track and in order. There are so many areas of my life that I’ve tried to assemble neatly, and now I feel like my business merely gets shuffled around wherever it fits. I need a place to organize that part of my life, specifically!! ♥

  7. Alyssa says

    I’d love to get my meal plans organized. I go shopping on Sundays, and then I end up forgetting why I got certain things and what recipe I had planned to use. This planner looks awesome!

  8. lauralquinton says

    Between work, hubby’s work, show choir, church callings, kids involved in piano, multiple dance classes, scouts, activity days, piano lessons and just every day life a little organization is always welcome!

  9. Lisa Johnson says

    I would ♥ to get more organized w/ big life events like birthdays and anniversaries. I put those in my phone, but they somehow get lost or don’t give me reminders. Technology is great, but nothing beats the good old fashioned way of writing it down!

  10. Abbey says

    I’ve been so wanting a ‘life’ planner! I think they are so fabulous and this one looks wonderful! I would love to keep all my meal ideas, lists, appointments and general notes about our day all in one spot!

  11. Nicole Lynn Gonzales says

    Love this organizer… the colors ar so pretty!! I would love to keep my family and photography business organized and this would be so perfect!!

  12. prov3130grl says

  13. Melissa Anderson says

    RIght now I am planning my wedding and need to keep that area of my life very organized over the next few months. After that I need to organize my apartment with all the additional gifts that we’ll receive from the wedding.

  14. heather isaac says

    I’m still trying to figure out life with 3 kids…my youngest being 4 months old. I need to organize so many areas in my life…but especially keeping track of my older kidlets’ school assignments and my baby’s doc apps. Oh! And meal planning is a huge thorn in my side! My fam would really benefit from this organizational goodness! 😀

  15. lisacng @ says

    Love that this planner has a spiritual aspect to it. I’d love to improve my spiritual life this year, along with getting finances together. Tks for the giveaway!

  16. Jessica says

    i love how it also reinforces the need to create and inspire as part of daily life. the colors are gorgeous and happy — everything is better when its color coded!

  17. Jessica says

    i love how it also reinforces the need to create and inspire as part of daily life. the colors are gorgeous and happy — everything is better when its color coded!

  18. Chloe West says

    What an adorable planner! I’d really like to get my schedule, meal planning, and budget more organized! We’re all over the place when it comes to dinner and money…terrible combination.

  19. Kelly says

    I love the “challange” section and the bucket list. I seem to get caught in only thinking about how to get thru today, i think I need to take a look at the big picture.

  20. Deirdre says

    I haven’t set up a 2013 planner yet, so I feel so behind already. LOVE the colorful tabs on this one—makes me realize how using a colorful planner would make me more enthusiastic about using it in general.

  21. Lori G. says

    What a gorgeous planner! One of my resolutions this year is to get organized overall with meal plans, an exercise schedule, and a bill calendar. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Jennifer Cardwell says

  23. justasiam says

    One aspect of my life that I would like to have more organized are all my appointments. Right now they are posted on little pieces of paper on the fridge and counter!

  24. Clarissa says

    I have used a day planner since I was 12, and this looks like the best by far! This year, I would love to be more efficient in time management, especially since I just started college. Anyway, I really hope I win!

  25. says

    I need organization skills getting myself and my children out of the house in the morning. I also need organization madness when it comes to planning meals after working all day. Pre-planning is needed!

  26. Lj says

    I’d love to keep better track of my day to day life, finances, kids, emergency info, to do lists. It’s overwhelming when you’re not organized. I spend more time looking for things than getting things accomplished.

  27. Maria Therese says

    Wow this journal looks pretty amazing! Tried to have one last year just a tiny one but didn’t get used. Now this is one that would be used all the time ♥

  28. says

    I am American but living in West Africa right now with my hubby and 4 kids. Just living takes so much work! But my goal is to grow. So I love the emphasis on inspiration and creating.

  29. says

    I have three kids and a husband who have important dates, appointments, etc just like I do and usually I scribble them down on anything I can find, laying them about and forgetting a fourth of them. I would love to have this and get myself more organized. I just never think about getting one as I’m usually in a huge hurry. Boy do I need organization!
    Kaci Guis.Harrison

  30. says

    I love this planner. I adore the colors and how inspirational it is for our daily lives. I constantly introspect and try to improve myself and my family for all aspects and I love how this planner incorporates it all and makes it look so pretty! Thank you for this giveaway!

  31. says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful planner. Part of being a mom and running a family is to make sure all aspects of self and family are met – spiritual, health, and the day-to-dayness.

    And its so pretty with the gorgeous colors! Love it!

  32. Mara Yager says

    I am always trying to get my daily schedule more organized since I am in school and my husband I both work and have a one year old at home :)

    And, I’d like to start meal planning…maybe…eventually :)

    Thanks so much!!

  33. says

    I definitely need more help with organization of meals in our home. I hate to cook and not planning anything until 5:30 that night makes for really stressful unhappy evenings :( I just need to suck it up & start planning and learn to enjoy it, and this could really help me out!

  34. Anonymous says

  35. says

    Love that this promotes a healthy home and life. Getting your environment organized and helping you schedule ‘me time’ for exercise. For starters, my Office could use more organizing. I can find things but I’d feel better if everything had a clearly designated place.

  36. ~Yours Truely~ says

    I love how you have created such a life changing way to stay functional! I love planners & organization, you have taken it to a whole other level!

  37. Me and My Pink Mixer says

    I love this planner! It would definitely help me keep my life organized with work appointments, blogging and my daughters schedule. Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Scott, Whitney and Connor says

    I would like to be more organized with my time. I always forget things and really do need a place write everything down. I am not a digital kind of person for that. Quickly writing down appt.s seems much easier to me.

  39. Scott, Whitney and Connor says

    I would like to be more organized with my time. I always forget things and really do need a place write everything down. I am not a digital kind of person for that. Quickly writing down appt.s seems much easier to me.

  40. says

    I’m very organized at work and with my blog, but when it comes to the home, I wish I sometimes put it at the bottom of the list. I need to make a to do list like I do for everything else and stick to it! I have framed pictures that have been waiting to meet the wall for like 3 mo’s, for example. Ugg.

  41. Glady Dalton says

    I’m obsessed with organizational stuff, I feel nerdy! haha BUT this year is a year of trying new things and expanding my reach! I need to keep track of it all!

  42. chinamomxtwo says

    Glad to have found you through Becky Higgins. I so need this planner! As a single mom o ftwo teens with more craft supplies and scrapbooking backlog that I want to admit……well, that’s just for starters! ha!

  43. Lisa says

    I need to organize EVERY part of my life! And that’s why I LOVE Crystal’s planner. It focuses on creating a balanced life! But I want to especially work on lifting myself spiritually this year. :)

  44. Jess says

    This year, I have chosen 2 words to focus on. Create and Move. I am planning on running my first half marathon in a few months and I just want to get healthier by moving more. And I want to create more…memories, projects, photos, etc. A planner like this could help me get a grasp on my life so I could do more creating and less time confused about what I need to be doing next.

  45. says

    this is so cute… I would love to get one! I’ve done poorly with planners in the past… but perhaps if it was fun happy colours??? I’d use it, just b/c I would smile when I opened it 😀

  46. says

    I have a smartphone but have found a paper planner works so much better for me. I don’t have one yet for this year so I appreciate the chance to win! Either way I need to go check out her site so thanks for sharing. :)

  47. Carmen says

    While I may not be able to use this for myself due to some recent serious health issues, I have a friend who is probably the busiest woman I know who would love the extra help in the organization department.

  48. says

    I need so much organization: Given Crystal’s layout I desperately need to…
    ~Nurture relationships
    ~Lift my thoughts
    ~Increase my energy
    ~I should Plan for abundance but first need to increase the energy
    ~Actually blog so I can use the blog organizer
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!
    ~Shelly Landers

  49. Patrícia M. says

    I would love it so much! I always go crazy with your lovely projects, maybe winning this giveaway is the strenght that i need to do more for me!


  50. says

    I would love to have everything organized in one place. It would really improve my life not to have to remember where something was when it could all be together in this great planner!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  51. Janet says

    Being as I’m going back to work after a few years hiatus, something like this planner sounds like a fantastic idea! I love the vibrant colors and it looks like something that would be fun to use. :)

  52. says

    This planner is so cute! I would love to become more organised in general but am hoping to start organising my photos and getting them printed so they don’t just sit on my computer.

  53. Joan Rodriguez says

    I have 3 part time admin assistant jobs, 3 kids, a husband, 2 cars, I love to scrap and make cards. I have some under control but exercising(I like to run) but don’t always have time for that so trying to organize other options and plan them is something I would like to focus on but I am sure I could benefit from this planner! Looks awesome!

  54. says

    I am 65 and just yesterday my fifth grandchild was born… and I am in dire need of organizational help! I am a creative type and my storage style is visibly-cued… everything is out on surfaces. I want to get my “stuff” organized so my family can enjoy my collections of photos, recipes & travel books, too. This looks like it could help me get a handle on it all. Would love to win THIS giveaway!

  55. says

    I really need to organize my photos. I take 100’s of pictures and they just end up sitting on my computer. I never get around to printing them or organizing them. This planner would really help.

  56. says

    I’d really like to get my finances into shape, so I’d use this awesome planner to track daily purchases on EVERYTHING! Thanks for the chance to win. XO


  57. says

    Documenting my accomplishments. I am doing that now. I would like to throw together a mini book or something to help motivate me and document accomplishments and goals as I go. Kind of a full circle thingy. I’m also learning how to stay organized while constantly in transition!

  58. Katie Broke says

    I find it hard to keep track of birthdays, work and family time. Such a beautiful planner and organising system would make keeping track of all parts of my life at the same time would be incredible!

  59. ayako j. says

    I need to organize my daily life so badly.
    I found myself frustrating a lot because of being disorganized last year, and I didn’t like that at all.
    Also I really want to make meal plan for my family.


  60. spiced sugar says

    I love being organised so this will definitely help! plus it will allow me to remember things I usually forget because I don’t write them down and I alsoo LOVE the colour scheme!! hopefully will also keep me motivated!!!

  61. Dorothy at Belle of the Kitchen says

    I love this organizer! It is beautiful, and one that I think I really would use. I would love to be more on top of keeping my house clean and making and completing daily to-do lists!

  62. Jessica says

    I want to be more organized with planning, and sticking to a budget this year. Following along with that, creating a menu plan, shopping list, and sticking to it. Less fast food!

  63. says

    I’m sure by the time you get to my comment, you’re tired of hearing the same reasons why you should give the planner to them. I’m not going to say that I’m different from all of them. I need a planner, and I can’t afford one, that’s why I’m here. Goodluck to you reading all those comments, and I do hope I win.

  64. Jenn says

    This is my first time on your site but came across your giveaway and I’m in love – I so need this. I need to organize every aspect of my life but especially meal planning, exercising and working some “me time” into my life. Thanks for the chance!

  65. says

    Trying to purge out my excess and only keep the meaningful in our lives … have gone through most of the cookbooks — many are gone now. Feel like I am spending my time on the less-important and the important is being neglected.
    Blogging ..that has been severely neglected.
    Thanks! Holly

  66. Jill says

  67. Jill says

  68. Stella says

    OMGoodness!! So happy to have found this site. Not only am I a fellow photographer, my son is a freshman in college and instead of dreading him being gone, I’m excited that he begin the life that we’ve planned for the past 18years! People often ask me, are you sad, experiencing EMPTY NEST, what are u gonna do? While I miss him sorely, I’m more excited for the next phase of both of our lives! I’d love to use this neat lil dandy planner to begin my NEXT PHASE!! *fingers crossed*

  69. says

    what a wonderful giveaway! i really need this in my life? this mama is TRYING to get organized in 2013…so me and this way adorable planner would be BFFs! 😉

    thanks for hosting! ♥

  70. says

    In a few days my baby will be born .. I have a two year old baby too .. I’d like to be able to organize my creativity .. and with two children will not be easy! ^ _ ^
    Your planner is wonderful! Fingers crossed! Thank you!

  71. Cindy Shepherd says

    I’d love to have my sewing / crafting room organized so that I can FINISH a project when I start it not days leter after trying to find all the stuff to make it!

  72. deborah says

    Love to get my home more organized. Specifically, my bedroom closet and clothes, my creative space, my “paper” — bills, school papers, etc. It seems that just about every drawer and space needs a good cleaning out.

  73. deborah says

    Love to get my home more organized. Specifically, my bedroom closet and clothes, my creative space, my “paper” — bills, school papers, etc. It seems that just about every drawer and space needs a good cleaning out.

  74. Sara Westhead says

    I’m constantly trying to keep myself organized as a WAHM and freelance writer, as well as juggling my kids’ activities and church events!

  75. Anonymous says

  76. gakonni says

    I need to be organized with everything from home to business to myself. After having a baby my life has been totally reorganized and I need to bring it back to some organization :)

  77. StacyD says

    I would love to get the growing number of activities we are involved in organized. Who would have thought it would be tough to juggle the activities of a family with both a 4 & 6 year old?

  78. says

  79. Anita says

    Hi, I really love the colorful format of the 2013 planner pages. Is there any way to still get that, I can get planner pages elsewhere that will be colorful, but just would LOVE the rest of thepages in those bright colors. The 2014 and the peek of the 2015 don’t appeal to me. I have to color code everything as am ocd and add, and the colors help alot to keep me focused. Thanks!

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