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I’m excited to welcome my friend Angie Lucas to the blog today! Learn more about her simple approach to journaling and enter to win a spot in her upcoming online workshop, Grammar-Free Journaling at Big Picture Classes!

Hi all! I’m so excited Rebecca gave me the chance to introduce you all to a little something I like to call “grammar-free journaling.”

As you may or may not know, Rebecca has long been a fan of “point-form journaling,” which I suppose is the Canadian way of saying “bulleted lists.” (But the Canadian way sounds just SO MUCH more elegant, doesn’t it?) But no matter what you call it, it’s one of the 12 stress-free writing strategies I’m going to share with you in my upcoming workshop, Grammar-Free Journaling, which starts this Thursday at

What is “grammar-free journaling”? Well, I’ll tell you. In my 4-week workshop, I’ve gathered 12 fun strategies for writing journaling for scrapbook pages in new and exciting ways, with absolutely no paragraphs required! You can forget about sentence structure, paragraph flow, punctuation, and anything that stresses you out about writing—and still tell great stories. In no time, you’ll be journaling in checklists, spreadsheets, pie charts, lists, quizzes, and even a bit of painless poetry.

Here’s one of my favorite layout examples from the workshop, which shares a five-question quiz that I sent to six other scrapbookers (three of them under the age of 12!) and asked them all to create their own take on it. My layout shares simple, list-style journaling for each question, which is tucked inside those cute pockets.

Join me in class and you can peek inside those pockets! But beyond that, I promise you’ll be inspired to tell stories you’ve been meaning to tell in unique ways—and you’ll find new stories to tell that you wouldn’t have discovered or told otherwise.

I invite you to join me in Grammar-Free Journaling which starts February 14th at Big Picture Classes. Because you’re a Simple as That fan, you can save $7 off of your registration with code RCGRAMMARFREE! Code expires February 14, 2013.


**Winner chosen according to Congratulations to Destiny!

Leave a comment on this post that shares your favorite grammar rule (ha!) and one winner will be chosen to join the Grammar-Free Journaling workshop for FREE.
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Who is This Angie Person?

Angie Lucas is the former managing editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine, where she edited my book, Real.Life.Scrapbooking., back in the day. She’s now the Editorial Director at, a mom of a 2-year-old, and a lifelong word nerd. 

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Rebecca Cooper is a 38-year-old wife and mother of four from Alberta, Canada. As a photographer, crafter, author, and blogger, she finds joy and fulfillment in celebrating everyday moments. She loves to read and eat chocolate, and is a firm believer in afternoon naps. Rebecca shares her family’s adventures, photo tips, simple craft projects + more right here at Simple as That.

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  1. says

    My rule used to be “I’ll journal later” but later rarely happened and I now regret not journaling in the moment.
    New rule: Journal now ~ and it’s usually short and to the point. I do love lists and bullet points 😉

  2. says

    My favorite grammar rule is making the subject & verb agree with each other, not with a word that comes between them.

    I could probably really benefit from this class. I need to learn to let the rules go sometimes!

  3. says

    “I before e except after c” is one I have recited quite often over the years…hoping the word isn’t one of the exceptions!…oh that’s spelling not grammar!…how about least fav…something about not starting a sentence with a certain kind of word. (But I always do! LOL)

  4. Valerie says

    I’m a stickler for proper grammar…I should have been an English teacher! One of my favorite rules would be the proper use of there/their/they’re…and the proper use of commas. I definitely need this class because I find myself writing three or four rough drafts of my journaling…which means most of the time I skip journaling all together!

  5. says

    My favorite rule with regards to grammar is the use of commas. I will always remember my high school english teacher explaining the use of commas when writing our weekly essays. I can still hear her when I write anything so she certainly did her job well!

  6. says

    My favorite rule with regards to grammar is the use of commas. I can still remember my High School English teacher explaining how commas work when writing our weekly essays. I can still hear her when I write so she did an excellent job!

  7. justasiam says

    I am a real stickler for grammar and spelling, which is sometimes really unfortunate. People really don’t like having these pointed out to them, so I try not to. But a grammar rule that I find is often broken is that of where the apostrophe goes, such as house signs that say “The Anderson’s” or “The Smith’s”. The Anderson’s what? The Smith’s what?

  8. DebF says

    my #1 rule: ignore the rules – just tell your story. In years to come, nobody is going to care whether there is punctuation or agreement or complete sentences, they will just be glad to hear my voice.

  9. LeAnne says

    I wish I wasn’t such a grammar and spelling girl, but when it was pounded into your head…it is hard to ignore it. :) I would love to learn some tips to help me forget the “rules”! The one spelling/grammar rule I can’t ignore is the difference between there, they’re, and their.

  10. Anonymous says

    I am a great believer in and lover of grammar as without punctuation it’s difficult to guess an author’s intentions. That said, I LOVE the idea of point form journalling – and Angie’s layouts are GORGEOUS, so I’d love to win a place on her workshop! Thanks so much for the chance!

  11. Brandy says

    I stress out about the journaling so much that I end up not doing it at all. I tell to give too much detail and then it gets too wordy! I need to give the important details and let the pictures speak for themselves. This sounds like a fabulous workshop!!

  12. says

    I am a rather laid back kinda gal, so I am not a crazy grammar person. I just create, and know it is really for my pleasure, so as long as I am happy it is OK. After saying that, I can’t stand double negatives.

  13. Lisa P says

    I would so love to take this class! I need some new and interesting ways to journal to spice up my pages. I love the grammar tule of making tenses agree. I hate when people move back and forth between past and present in their writing.

  14. Vicki says

    This looks like so much fun. I am always trying to find new ways to incorporate journaling into my pages. A rule I find myself following is avoiding contractions in my writing. I was always taught that contractions are for informal speech and writing is always more formal. I don’t always agree with that but the lesson stuck and I tend to correct my writing by removing any contractions.

    [email protected]

  15. says

    Favourite grammar rule? All of them, there’s so much fun available in finding grammar mistakes. Eats, shoots and leaves probably has to be the best though … That and approving of the fact that Canadians spell favourite the correct way :)

  16. Jocelyn Thompson says

    ahhh….it has been so long since I was in school. Grammar rules…I guess my favorite would be Sentence Structure. That is the main one I can remember anyway because I am forever writing run-on sentences that really go on and on and on and seem to sound really good in my head until I re-read what I just wrote. Would love to win a spot in this class! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  17. Kimberly says

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