the best of 08

Here’s only a few of my favorite images from client sessions/weddings throughout 2008. I couldn’t begin to share ALL my favorites with you, so please enjoy this small sampling. 😉

I’ve sincerely enjoyed taking photos for everyone this year and can’t wait to begin opening my schedule again this spring. I’ve got a few changes in store for Rebecca Cooper Photography this year and can’t wait to share them all with you.

PS. Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my previous post. I’m sure going to miss that magazine but I will continue to share scrapbooking projects on my blog for sure, as soon as I do some actual scrapbooking that is. I have to admit its been quite sometime since I’ve even printed a photo but I’m feeling the urge to scrapbook again more and more and as soon as I make an actual page (I’m not promising its going to be anytime soon) you’ll be the first to know!

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Rebecca Cooper is a 38-year-old wife and mother of four from Alberta, Canada. As a photographer, crafter, author, and blogger, she finds joy and fulfillment in celebrating everyday moments. She loves to read and eat chocolate, and is a firm believer in afternoon naps. Rebecca shares her family’s adventures, photo tips, simple craft projects + more right here at Simple as That.

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  1. TinaLaRae says

    i usually check to see if you’ve posted anything new once a week or so but since we were in California I didn’t get a chance until now. So glad your back and feeling better. I’m going to have to get some picture taking tips from you, along with photo editing, one day.

  2. GSGC StrongFamily says

    After seeing these, I remember why you have always been my favorite scrapbook “celebrity”/photographer. LOVE THEM!!! I am debating whether it would be worth the LOOOONG drive to Canada just to get some family pictures taken…
    Are you self-taught? I’ve been trying to learn to take better pics of my kids….and what kind of camera/lens do you use?
    Your work is absolutely stunning. Beautiful. Amazing. !!!

  3. Jewel says

    WOW!!! I am in love with each photo! Amazing work Rebecca. You should be so proud! Please let me know what your schedule is like cause I can’t wait for you to take some pics of our fam!

  4. Clair says

    WOW!!! My favorites of this bunch are the pregnant tummy with the mom’s and children’s hands and the wedding couple close-up- amazing! Thanks for sharing these. You always inspire me.

  5. says

    Oh Rebecca, I love your work! Since I live just up the road from you in Calgary, AB I will have to book your amazing skills one day and get a family shoot done! That would be awesome! :)

    I too would love to know what kind of camera you use as well as some of your photography tips and tricks! (Maybe you could share them on your blog as a regular feature?) Also…do you “photoshop” your shots afterwards or do they just turn out that way because you are so good and actually know what you are doing???

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Pip + Squeak says

    Uh…hello?? Charest Family photo shoot not one of your fave’s of ’08? What’s up w/ that??
    Tee hee just kidding…but really, I was kind of hoping we made it on the list!

  7. dragonflydreamer says

    Wow! Definitely a God given talent because they are heavenly. I love to take photos, but never knew anything about photography and the art and technical skills required. I am slowly learning. I only have PSE and I am learning with a book, but I dream of upgrading to CS4, taking a Photography course and a PSCS4 course. Your photos are inspiring and such happy eyecandy. Thanks for sharing them.

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