simple halloween craft: spooky stone spiders

Just in case you missed this tutorial I shared over at eighteen25
a few weeks ago, here ya go…
Today I’m going to share a simple little halloween craft with you. I call them spooky stone spiders and they’re made using some scraps of wire, rocks and a few other things you’re sure to have kicking around the house.
Here’s how to make your own: 
1. First step, gather all the supplies pictures below + some sand paper. Forgive the old rusty pliers/wire cutters, they were the only pair I could find around here.

2. Grab one of your stones and four equal lengths of wire and we’re going to give our spider some legs. You’ll need a strong adhesive for this, my first attempt using my trusty glue gun didn’t quite hold up. The only thing I could find to do the trick was some super glue, but E-6000 would have worked great for this project.

 3. Using sandpaper, rough up a small area of the wire where you’ll be attaching it to your stone. Nothing major, just scratch it up a bit. Now take some of your adhesive, apply it to the stone. Centering each piece of wire attach each one to the bottom side of the stone. You may need to bend your wire a bit and mold it to the shape of your stone in order for it to stick.

4.Once you’ve attached all four pieces of wire allow your adhesive to dry thoroughly. While you’re waiting, cut out a small round piece of black felt to fit on the bottom of your spider. You will stick this over the area where the wire attaches to the stone to cover it up.

5. With the pieces of wire attached you can now start bending an molding them to form the spiders legs. I took each leg and bent them straight up and then using my pliers bent them back down again {see photo below.} I did a little bit of adjusting to get the shapes I wanted and trimmed some legs that were too long.

6. Once you have the legs exactly how you want them you can start putting the finishing touches on your spider. I painted mine black with some acrylic craft paint, using spray paint would have been my first choice, but I didn’t have any available. Once you have your spiders painted you can leave them as is or you could even attach a few googly eyes.

These spooky little spiders will add a fun touch to your halloween decor and the best part is they are quick to make and cost next to nothing! Love me an inexpensive simple project, don’t you!?
You can also find the tutorial for my kid friendly version of these little stone spiders here.

Have a great Monday everyone!



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