Staying Organized Throughout the School Year

Stay organized throughout the school year with these simple to use chore charts and personal checklists. They’re great for keeping kids on track and motivated.
Today I’m excited to share a few things that help keep our home organized, especially throughout the school year. We’re still perfecting our system, but we’ve found some simple things that are really helping us stay on top of daily to-do’s, organize school papers and make homework time easier. Keep reading to see what’s been working for us + you’ll find some fabulous printables from one of my favorite digital designers, Crystal Wilkerson! PLUS you’ll find an amazing discount on her 2013 Life Planner, my organizational secret weapon, that you don’t want to miss!
Stay organized throughout the school year with FREE printable chore charts and personal checklists at
When it comes to the kids chores and other daily tasks, I’ve realized through trial and error that its the simplest systems that really help us stay organized and that we’re able to stick with. When I stumbled across this blog post one day via pinterest I was intrigued and decided to implement something similar into our family. I was amazed at how well it worked + continues to work a year later.
Stay organized throughout the school year with FREE printable chore charts and personal checklists at
The basis is this: Each of our kids has a checklist of daily responsibilities. We have checklists printed out for each child and when they complete each task, they check them off. If everything is checked off at the end of the week they get a small allowance. If they’ve missed a check, we have makeup tasks that they can perform.

Stay organized throughout the school year with FREE printable chore charts and personal checklists at

Crystal Wilkerson has so generously designed these simple, colorful printable checklists that can be used for an entire month. I have ours printed and attached to our pantry door with a little bit of washi tape. They’re in a location where everyone can reach them and see them all the time. Morning tasks are to be completed before the kids leave for school and the rest are done afterschool or before bed.

Stay organized throughout the school year with FREE printable chore charts and personal checklists at

I love how these checklists are a visual reminder of the basic things that need to be completed each day. Morning + afterschool time are busy times in the day and having the kids stick to their checklists really keeps things running smoothly in our home. We have a no t.v. policy in the mornings and afterschool checks need to be completed before the t.v. can come on or before friend time. Sure, there are days when the checklists just go out the window because things get busy, I love how they’ve helped my kids develop some good habits, which in turn means less nagging from me!

Stay organized throughout the school year with FREE printable chore charts and personal checklists at

Each of our kids has a zone in the house they’re responsible for maintaining daily for an entire week. We rotate zones based on a simple circle chart and these new ones, designed by Crystal Wilkerson are SO pretty….our old one made out of construction paper just wasn’t holding up anymore. 😉 Our chart used to include a playroom but we don’t have one in this house so we’ve adjusted the pie chart to include 4 major zones that I feel get the dirtiest throughout any given day. If a child is on that zone they’re responsible for keeping it clean and tidy each day.

Stay organized throughout the school year with FREE printable chore charts and personal checklists at

I help the younger two with this, but in rooms like the kitchen I’ll have the child who is on that zone just do a quick wipe of the counters in the morning before they leave for school – even the three year old can do that! The main bathroom can always use a quick wipe down with a disinfectant wipe. I don’t expect them to clean each zone top to bottom everyday, just keep it clean and tidy. We typically do a big clean on Saturday morning.

That is just a quick rundown of how our responsibility system works – if you have any questions just let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer. :)

As for these lovely checklists + circle charts, Crystal has made some fabulous free printable versions for us! You can simply print them out and write in your own info to create your family’s daily checklists. She also made printable circle chart templates that include 3, 4, 5 or 6 spaces. See the examples above of how you can use these circle charts – the possibilities are endless!

Download the free checklists here. 
Download the free circle chart templates here.

If you’d like a customized family checklist + circle chart Crystal can create those for you and here’s all the info you’ll need:

– Let her know how many circle charts and/or daily checklists you want customized.
– The circle charts can be customized to have 3-6 spaces, depending on
the # of children in your family.
– She will email you back an order form, where you can fill out the details of what
you want customized.
-Custom orders are being taken until September 5th only
Prices on Customized Circle charts/Checklists:
– $10 for first customized chore or reward chart, $5 for each additional chart.
– Crystal will email you a PDF file of your customized chart for you to print out.
– If you want her to print, assemble, & ship the charts to you, the cost is an additional $10 for the first chart & $3 for each additional chart.

 When it comes to keeping myself organized during the school year I rely on my 2013 Life Planner, designed by Crystal Wilkerson. This little binder contains my entire life – it has everything in it from menu plans to my blog calendar to my daily to-do lists. I really don’t know what I’d do without it!! I did an entire blog post about my planner where you can see what’s inside right here.
This little planner stays in our family command center/homework area {that I’ll be telling you all about in an upcoming blog post} where I can see it throughout the day. I’m using one of these cute mini binders right now and I love it! This planner really is my organizational secret weapon and right now Crystal is offering it for 50% off!!
Use coupon code Back2School  to take 50% off their entire purchase in her shop, including the planner! Coupon Expires: August 31st
Her shop will be closing after August 31st, so if they want to get something, make sure you get it in the next week AND download it by then too!I hope this post is useful in helping you establish your own back to school routines! Staying on top of these daily responsibilities helps our family work together as a team and cuts down on the morning/afterschool chaos.

Don’t miss out on any of the fun we’ve been having during Back to School week here at Simple as that! Check out these posts + be sure to enter some exciting giveaways while you’re there!

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  1. rebecca says

    Not at all @Jo!! :) 😉 We’re certainly aren’t perfect with this system, but we’ve stuck with it for a 1+ now and are loving it! The kids knowing what’s expected of them = less nagging from me, it’s a win-win for all. :)

  2. Becki says

    a great post, love to see how you use these tools!

    A quick question- is Crystal retiring from designing, will there not be a 2014 edition? I am more motivated to begin something new like that in the new year.

    Thanks Rebecca!

  3. Seema says

    Rebecca! Love your post! Can I ask where your chalkboard command center piece is from? you might of mentioned it somewhere, but I’m brain dead and don’t see it! It’s exactly what I need in my home right now! Thanks!

  4. Sarah White says

    Is Crystal closing her photoshop action shop this month too??? I’ve been saving up for a new camera, but I don’t want to miss out on the chance to snag some of those. Also, I love your white organizer tray, so beautiful and functional!


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