Silly Spider Halloween Hairdo

We had so much fun with this silly little hairdo last Christmas that we decided to try our hands at a Halloween version this year. All my girls are excited to wear their hair like this sometime this month! We call it silly spider hair and it really is so easy,  just follow the steps below.
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1. Gather the following supplies – black piper cleaners, hairpins, googly eyes, black pompoms, a scrap of black felt and a hot glue gun or other adhesive.

2. Create the spiders face. Cut a small circle out of black felt. Slip inside the hairpin. Using hot glue or other strong adhesive glue the pompom to the felt. See images below. Lastly, attach googly eyes to the front of the pompom.

3. Use 4 black pipe cleaners cut in half to create the spiders legs. Place four on each side of the hair bun. Bend slightly at the top, then again at the bottom to create a small foot.
4. Secure the pompom for the spiders face in the center of the bun and that’s it!  I hope you have fun with this silly Halloween hairdo! I’m linking up with these fun blogs!
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  1. Anonymous says

    I did this on my daughter for “crazy hair day” at school. But also put arounfd some spider webs. She got the first place in all of her school. Thanks for the idea.


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