What our Valentine’s Day Looks Like

Here’s a peek at what the Valentine’s Day celebrations looked like at our house this year. Nothing fancy going on, but we’ve had lots of fun! I’ve been sharing more regular updates via Instagram these days, so be sure to follow me over there!

All photos taken and edited with my iPhone 5

We kept the valentines crafting to a minimum this year all in the name of simplifying life while Dad is preparing for board exams. We did make some pink and red patterned hearts the other day and my four year old LOVED doing this! Full tutorial here. We mixed things up by using markers and crayons as well as water-colour paints.

We’ve had lots of fun making Valentines boxes this year. I’ve never made these with the kids before, they’ve made big envelopes at school in the past, but I must say, these were so much funner! We made the Minion using supplies we had on hand thanks to some inspiration from Pinterest. We used a wheat thins box, construction paper and black pipe cleaners for the hair. I used circle punches to make the eye. Everything was glued or taped on and for the hair we just poked holes in the top of the box then stuck the pipe cleaners through. We cut out a hole for the mouth for the valentines to go in and that’s it. Can you tell Carson was pretty excited with how it turned out!?

For my Kindergartener’s valentines box we made this cute owl. It’s a Costco fruit snacks box that we cut the top flaps off so her classmates can drop their valentines in the top. We covered the box in polkadot wrapping paper and attached with tape, just like wrapping a present. We left some extra paper along the top edge and folded it over then attached with tape to the inside of the box. We used a contrasting brown cardstock for the wings, ear feathers and feet. We used circle punches to make the eyes out of construction paper. The beak and big heart belly are also cut out of construction paper. Addie was excited to glue all the pieces on as I cut them out and add some feathers to the owls wings with crayon. It was such a cute project to work on with her!

My third grader and Kindergartener are handing out store bought valentines this year. SUPER simple + inexpensive – just what I needed. You do what you can and sometimes you have to learn to just let the rest go. The kids were just as excited to write their names on them and hand them out to their friends!

My 11 year old took Pop Rocks valentines to share with her friends. She enjoyed putting these together using these free printable tags that I shared last week.

The kiddos woke up to a little treat and a love note from Mom and Dad today and I made heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. I just used Krusteaz Pancake mix, added a few drops of red food colouring then poured them in the shape of hearts. My husbands schedule is always changing and right now he doesn’t have to be in to the clinic until 10:00am so he and I were able to enjoy a little love day breakfast after the kids were off to school. It was delicious and special without being over the top.

That’s our Valentine’s Day at a glance. Happy Love Day everyone! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. **ashleynicole says

    What cute valentine boxes! :) I just found your blog via Life and Love with Mr. Wonderful because she mentioned a craft you posted a year or two ago. Looks like you’re just crafting all the time! How fun :) Excited to come back and see more :)


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