Silly Fingerprint Shamrocks

We had fun with this little St. Patrick’s Day craft over spring break! We did some fingerprint stamping and made some silly shamrocks! My two youngest, ages 4 and 6, spent almost an hour working on their creations and were so pleased with the finished results. It was just the right amount of messy play for this mom to handle and for the kids to thoroughly enjoy! Make your own silly shamrocks by following the steps below.

Step 1: Gather your supplies. You’ll need cardstock or construction paper, green and white craft paint, a paper plate, a small paintbrush and a black sharpie. This activity is a little messy, so you may also want some newspaper to cover your work surface and some paint aprons or grubby clothes to wear.

Step 2: Pour some green paint on your paper plate. Dip fingers in green paint. My girls used their thumbs, pointer fingers – anything goes really. Be sure to dab fingers off on the paper plate to get some of the extra paint off. Note: you could use a green stamp pad instead of paint.

Step 3. Stamp your fingers on your paper and create the first leaf for your shamrock. You may need to dip in the paint again for each leaf. Stamp three leaves for each shamrock.

Step 4: Once you’ve stamped all the leaves for your shamrocks, time to add a stem to each one. Using a paint brush paint a small stem at the base of the three leaves.

Step 5: To give our shamrocks a little personality we decided to add some eyes and a mouth to each one. Squirt some white paint onto the paper plate, dip the top of the paintbrush (the hard tip) into the paint and then put two dots on each shamrock for the eyes.

Step 6: Once the paint is completely dry use a sharpie to add eyeballs and a mouth to each shamrock. That’s it! You can create a page filled with silly shamrocks like we did or turn your fingerprint shamrocks into cards, tags or stamp a gift bag. The possibilities are endless. This makes a great last minute St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids!

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  1. Susan says

    What a fun art project for St. Patrick’s Day! We might have to try it this weekend. The eyes on those shamrocks — wonder if you could use googly eyes? I bet my kids would like that :)

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