DIY Kid’s Room Wall Art

I’m so excited to welcome Jen of Plain Vanilla Mom to the blog today! She’s sharing such a FUN and simple DIY decor project that’s perfect for a kid’s room!

DIY Kid's Room Wall Art

Hi There! I’m Jen.  Photographer, blogger, wife, mom, Starbucks fanatic and the list goes on. Mostly at the moment though I’m thrilled to be here guest posting here for you! I looove Rebecca’s blog. Simple Things Sunday is what got me hooked! You will often find me joining in from my blog Plain Vanilla Mom so I hope you’ll pop by sometime.

Today I’m sharing with you a couple ideas for quick and easy DIY kids room wall art. I just love all the custom wall art that can be found online these days (and I’ve bought my fair share) but I figure as often as I’m wielding my camera around I really could probably be doing some of these cool things myself.

DIY Kid's Room Wall Art

My inspiration for this project stemmed from the fact that I have two toddlers with bedroom walls that are in need of a bit of a makeover. I was going for quick and easy (or something ‘Simple’ as we might say) and truthfully it couldn’t have been simpler. (You could do this too! I know you can).

Using just window light and some white foam board for a backdrop I photographed our old wooden alphabet blocks for the personalized name prints and a few crayons in rainbow colors for another. I thought the crayon print might look kinda cool in our playroom.  Really you could let your imagination loose here. What about using legos or even toy cars to spell out a name or initial?

DIY Kid's Room Wall Art

I just kept shooting until I had something that I liked. I really didn’t take long at all. Once my images were edited I had them printed and then framed them using a few frames I had kicking around the house.

DIY Kid's Room Wall Art

All these prints are cute hanging individually but I’m really anxious to mix them into a little gallery wall that I’m working on in each of the boy’s rooms.

Have you ever made your own wall art? I think I’m hooked.

Thank you so much for sharing Jen! For more beautiful photos and simple craft projects, be sure to visit Plain Vanilla Mom here, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram!

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  1. says

    Love these! Fantastically simple and adorable!!

  2. Emily Hunter says

    These are amazingly sophisticated for a kids room! I remember when my youngest niece was born – not long before my nephew, she had to bunk in with her older sister then, we were having issues with how to decorate to suit the pair of them, sometimes there is nothing worse than a blank wall, especially for a kid!

    But we found some amazing things at this website I mean just look at these cute I was a poor broke aunt after that (I kid, they are amazingly priced) it was a few years ago now but the stickers are still holding and look as amazing as ever!

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