Valentine Tree Tradition

Encourage expressions of love and kindness leading up to Valentine’s Day with this special family tradition.

Encourage expressions of love and kindness leading up to Valentine's Day with this special family tradition.

A few years ago at the beginning of February we started a little valentines tradition.

It wasn’t anything grand and it wasn’t anything that took a lot of time, but the feelings it created in our home were so special that I knew without a doubt we’d continue on with this tradition year after year.


I’ve taken on a little bit different approach through the years, but my hopes for this project are still the same

  • To create a spot where we can leave each other special notes as we countdown to Valentine’s Day
  • To cultivate greater feelings of love in our home
  • To encourage expressions of love and kindness
  • Replace a little bit of the sibling rivalry around here with feelings of love



Coordinating Patterned paper

Kraft Cardstock

Pens for writing love notes




I made our tree using some branches found in my Grannie’s yard and a ceramic milk jar I picked up at the thrift store.

The kids didn’t have school yesterday, so my 9 year old and I sat down and made these fun hearts for the tree using the left over paper from last weeks Valentine’s Day banner. We made ourselves a template, then got cutting.


Once we got the hearts cut out and we cut out some strips of kraft card stock. We trimmed them to fit across each heart and cut a little triangle out of one end to be all cute.

Next we attached them to the front of each heart for a place to write who our love notes are for, then added some buttons or staples here and there and that was it. To attach the hearts to our tree I punched two holes at the top of one side of each heart then simply tied them to the branches with bakers twine.

We watched this sweet video when I introduced the idea behind our little Valentine Tree to the kids. I just love valentine’s day and I’m thankful for the reminder this time of year to take an extra moment to let the people that mean the most to me know how much I love them.The feelings that are felt as we share these special notes with each other and the smiles on my children’s faces as they read messages left by mom and dad or their brother/sisters, are priceless.

What Valentine’s traditions do you enjoy with your family?  I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. Mary says

    this is very sweet! I love the idea and can’t wait for my little girl to be old enough for traditions like these :) i picked up some mini mailboxes from target and was thinking of starting a tradition this year too.

  2. Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini says

    I already made mine yesterday but I didn´t notice the template (and can´t figure out how I would use it anyway, haha) and used another one… is this ok? I´m so excited!

  3. Amy says

    what a beautiful idea for valentines! 😀 I am going to do something similar!!!! for my husband and I! 😀 So sweet! loved the video! cant wait to make the first months collage 😀

  4. Sabrina says

    Such a great idea!!! I’m going to give it a try. I LOVE your blog and all of your cute ideas! Thanks for sharing them all. By the way I’m a new fan and awarding you the Versitile Blogger award 😀

  5. Missy says

    This sweet little tree and the sweet little valentines to go with it are adorable. I think the fact the supplies are so simple and “old” are part of the loveliness of everthing. I loved how creative you were when you lived in Statia with only a few supplies available to you. Now that you’re back I hope you continue to keep everything so lovely and simple. I myself, have none of the fancy machines that everyone seems to have these days and though I love the crafts created by them, I am much more in love with the crafts you’ve been creating.

  6. Mercy Otis/The Stone House says

    What an awesome tradition!
    I LOVE tender traditions that bind my family tightly together!
    Thank you for posting that “much needed in my life today” clip from Pres. Monson.

  7. Mandy says

    Hi Rebecca,

    The highlighted link ‘Valentines traditon’ isn’t working for me so I just wondered…do you write nice things to each other on the hearts and then put them on the tree each day?

  8. says

    How sweet is this! Love that you’ve left a pen on the table to make it easy to use. I can see making a cute little 6×6 album with one heart mounted in the middle of each page. Add to it each year (maybe a heart-shaped divider between the years). Most of the work is already done!


  9. Anonymous says

    Thanks for a gorgeous idea! My very dear, widowed friend is getting remarried after many years of waiting and trusting and praying, and we are going to make these hearts and peg them to ribbons tied to the tree branches. (She SQUEALED when I showed her this post :D) Each guest will write something special on the back during the reception, so these hearts will become a guestbook filled with love and encouragement for the newly-weds. There will be 300 guests so the grove will look beautiful with the hearts dangling in the breeze!


  10. Silvia Palmero says

    La tua idea mi piace molto, creerò qualcosa di simile per la mia famiglia e posterò il lavoro sul mio blog inserendo il link al tuo. Spero ti faccia piacere.
    Ciao dalla tua nuova follower

  11. Molly Smith says

    What a wonderful idea! I adore it when people put a meaning in celebrating any holiday. Thanks for all the details and great photos. I always wonder where people get the “trees” they use. (I found you via Jen @ TT&J)


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