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For the past three years, at the end of each month, I’ve been compiling some of our family photos into a photo collage to summarize our favourite monthly memories. Its been a project I’ve loved so much because it’s simple, quick and even when there wasn’t much time for the traditional scrapbooking that I was used to – I could totally handle this bite sized monthly memory keeping. 
In the past, I’ve shared my monthly collages on the blog and hosted a link party where you’ve shared your collages and its been loads of fun, but I won’t be doing this again in 2013. Now that the kids are a bit older I’m feeling ready to get back into the scrapbooking scene – but I’ll still be keeping things as simple as possible with Project Life! Even though I’ll be taking a different approach with my memory keeping this year, I still plan to include these monthly summary collages in my PL albums – I just love them too much to stop now. :)
All the collage templates below are sized 12X12 except for 2010’s ,which is a 6X6. I plan to print one for each month of 2013 and use either these 12X12 page protectors or these ones that have four 6X6 pockets!
If you plan to continue on with the month-in-photos project for 2013 or would simply like to include the occasional photo collage in your PL album or other photo book, then here is a new template for a new year – I hope you like it! You can scroll down for a download link as well as links to download all of the collage templates I’ve shared here on the blog since 2010!
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2013 Photo Collage Template
{download here}
2012 Photo Collage Template
2011 Photo Collage Template
2010 Photo Collage Template
Need tips on how to use these templates in PS or PSE? 
Click here for a great post on using clipping masks or find a quick template tutorial here.
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  1. Brooke says

    I love the templates and can’t wait to decide which one I will use this year (since it is my first time trying) but when I tried to download the 2011 and 2010 templates the 2012 template is what downloads.

  2. Brooke says

    I love this project and can’t wait to get started soon. I love the 2013 template but was thinking I might use one of the others but the 2010 and 2011 download as the 2012 template.

  3. says

    This makes compiling photos so much easier! I have a gazillion on my iPhone every month and I don’t have the time to print and place them all in an album (while dealing with a feisty toddler who wouldn’t sit still for a minute). Can’t wait to use the templates. Thank you!

  4. Jocelyn Thompson says

    Thank you so much! This is what I have been looking for! Do you have other templates that you sell? I am very interested! I loved the Christmas cards and I love these as well. You are very, very talented! Thanks again for the freebies! :)

  5. says

    Thank you so much for sharing that you’re doing project life. I just went to the website and this definitely looks like something I’m going to try. Are you going to be sharing your journey through the project? Would love to see what you come up with!

  6. Jennifer says

    I was so disappointed when you said you were not going to do the monthly photo collage. Thanks to you I have a 90 page photo book of 2012 almost ready to print and was looking forward to a new one for 2013. I was going to make my own template and then fell in love with the layout for your snowshoeing adventure. Thanks for sharing and saving me some time. I love your photos and ideas. I look forward to what 2013 brings.

  7. says

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for sharing these! I’m having a difficult time downloading these and was wondering if I’m doing something wrong? I tried yesterday and again just now and they aren’t working. MediaFire says they are temporarily unavailable with a retry button, but nothing works when I retry. Any suggestions?!? I really want these templates! Thanks!

  8. rebecca says

    Jocelyn, Funny you should ask…I’m actually working on a set of blog templates for displaying photos within a blog post. Watch for them coming soon. :)

  9. Heidi Shuler says

    I love love love these and I am so excited to start, but like many others, I can’t get them to download! I have tried different browsers but everytime it says “retry”. Any suggestions, please!!??? And Thank you! ([email protected])

  10. rebecca says

    For those of you experiencing trouble with the collage template downloads the links are working. Even if you get a “temporarily unavailable” message, click the green download button in the upper right corner of your screen and it should still work. Not too sure what’s up with mediafire, sorry.

  11. Jennifer Elliott says

    I click the link for the 2013 template, and get this message on the MediaFire page:

    The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.


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